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Report online: APRA symposium in Amsterdam, June 2009



APRA Europe Seminars of Electrical, Mechatronics & Transmission Divisions

At the Amsterdam  (Netherlands)  21 European Symposium APRA Europe organized several seminars which were well visited by remanufacturers interested to broaden their views and to look for opportunities. The following presentations were offered: 


Keynote speaker Carsten Bücker , BU Drive


Dr. Bücker explained that the future challenges for remanufacturing will mainly be determined by the technology and the ecology. Moreover he pointed out that the current crises will provoke a rethinking of the consumers with respect to the ecological acceptance of remanufacturing and will also lead to a sustainable growth of the reman industry. To react proactively on these challenges, BU DRIVE decided to create with the Fraunhofer Institute and the University Bayreuth a research project. The main objective of the project will be to focus on forward-looking remanufacturing technologies and on eco-balances of new production versus reman. This project PTR (Powertrain Reman) should lead to the creation of a industry forum with representatives of the reman industry and with the objective of an intensive communication and co-operation.


Philip Falk,   D & V Totonto.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles are here to stay. Even with the turmoil in the automotive sector auto makers continue to focus on green technology. Due to the complexity of these systems it is interesting to see how the aftermarket will approach this opportunity in the future.Hybrid cars are designed with three different versions/grades:  the microhybrid which is equipped with a combined sidemounted starter/alternators, the mild hybrid which has an electrical machine as a booster and is integrated in the powertrain and the full hybrid which has more powerfull electrical machines capable to drive the vehicle!  D&V Electronics has been involved in a number of projects testing Hybrid & Electric Vehicle powertrain components for current and future production.



Amir Fallah,   ATP Industries Group

One of the recent developments in the field of Automatic Transmission is the integration of Hydraulic valvebody and the Electronic control system which is widely known as Mechatronic.
The advantages of this technology are; low tolerances, optimum shift quality, high standard of reliability due to fewer plug contacts and interfaces. The disadvantage become apparent when testing an Automatic Transmission with Mechatronics as there is no direct access to onboard sensors and actuators. The presentation explored ways of overcoming this problem.



Mike Walker,  ATP Electronic Developments Ltd

The technological advances in vehicle Electronic Systems means we now have more features and information in our vehicles than ever before , but the increasing complexity and interconnection brings many new and difficult challenges for the vehicle repair industry and for remanufacturers and parts suppliers.

Rolf Steinhilper, University Bayreuth ( Germany)

After 25 Years running research in Remanufacturing University Bayreuth is now pleased to see that politic and academic side are taking remanufacturing seriously.
Equally on  the SME-side, independent remanufacturers appreciate to find some think-tank partners to keep up with the so far unseen and unknown technological challenges to remanufacture new technologies like mechatronics and electronics!

Rolf Steinhilper reported about the new important research  projects for which his Reman Center was selected:  f. ex. the “European CAN  Research Project “  which is about “Testing and Diagnosis Technologies Development  for Car Mechatronic  and Electronic Remanufacturing”. The project will be progressed together with a consortium of European remanufacturers and with other universities. Rolf reported also about the “Service-Engineering 2020 project” another major European research project which will consist in developing  a new automotive service-engineering concept which will also use remanufacturing as an additional technology.

Rob Laing, Litens Automotive

In summary the two following points are the main message of the presentation:

  1. The Litens' Decoupler is definately different in design and function than any other alternator devices.
  2. Replacement pulleys for alternators must use the same design as the OE used; no substitutions. One-way clutches or other vibration control devices cannot achieve the same level of performance of Litens' Decoupler.



Daniel Wolf, Schaeffler Automotive


The patented INA OAP ( Overrunning Alternator Pulley) have been developed in 1995 to run the front end accessory drives of the modern direct injection diesel and gasoline engines. The benefits of the OAP on the serpentine poly V belt drive is a reduction of the belt vibrations, reduced forces and displacement on the tensioner, a reduced load on alternator bearings as well as an extended belt system life, improved noise, vibrations and harshness leading to reduced engine consumptions and emissions.   
Since the market introduction more than 100 Mio. units have been produced by Schaeffler. Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket supplies approx. 140 different IOAP´s to the aftermarket through the independent wholesalers and repair shops sales channels but also to the auto-electric specialists as well as to alternator reman companies.


Dennis Jacinto,  Lester Catalogues


For alternators and starters, Lester Catalog provides data in print, On DVD and via the web, that allows trading partners in different parts of the world to collaborate by having a common point of reference.  Issues of distance, language and technical specifications are overcome by use of a single set of reference material.


The Chairmen of the divisions Jarek Gora  ( electrical) Bill Henney ( automatic transmissions) and Fernand Weiland (mechatronics) expressed great satisfaction with the quality of the presentations and the great  interest which the audience showed.



 Text: Fernand Weiland


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