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Definitions of Remanufacturing
Common Definitions of Remanufacturing vocabulary
APRA would like to support you in your daily fight to further develop the remanufacturing business. Together with CLEPA and FIRM, APRA has therefore published a flyer for the remanufacturing business in Europe.

The flyer contains information about the ecological and social advantages of a remanufacturing part including the definition of itself and the definition of a core.

These definitions are supported by all relevant European automotive associations, which is a milestone for our industry.

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It has been produced and will be available now.

You are invited to use these flyers for your communication. You can order the flyer (free of charge - max. quantity 100) by sending an email to

We are looking forward to receiving your response to this action.


Common Translations of Remanufacturing Vocabular
APRA_Definition_Stoerer.gifAnother idea of APRA is to create common global remanufacturing terms and translations to develop remanufacturing markets around the world.

APRA is actively working on this task in order to align all relevant associations and the public.

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Relevant Literature for the Remanufacturing Industry:
  1. Fernand J. Weiland (2012): "European Automotive Remanufacturing - Technical Trends & Market Developments"
  2. Fernand J. Weiland: "Remanufacturing Automotive Mechatronics and Electronics"
  3. Rolf Steinhilper (1999): "Remanufacturing. The ultimate form of recycling.", IRB Verlag Stuttgart.

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