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Definitions of Remanufacturing
Exhibition/Symposium 2014
The Remanufacturing-Event of the Year 2014
APRA - European Remanufacturing Symposium with Exhibition
in Milano Marittima (near Rimini), Italy, May 21st - 23rd, 2014

APRA Europe organises this exciting Remanufacturing-Event in the region of Rimini in sunny Italy. We offer a unique modular event structure which gives you the opportunity to decide whether you want to join as an exhibitor, a delegate or even a sponsor and you will be able to choose presentations and/or events that are of specific interest to you.

Final Agenda of APRA's Remanufacturing-Event (click to enlarge):


(APRA Europe reserves the right to change part of this agenda at any time without prior notice to you, so please check regularly.)


The format of the symposium is very good with a mix of technical and business sessions with plant tours and evening events.

Tim Roth, APRA USA Vice Chairman, SRC Electrical, Missouri


‘Based on experiences and feedback from previous events we have prepared a programme which meets the requirements of our members.’

Peter Bartel, APRA Europe Chairman, Germany

For more details, sponsorship opportunities or registration, see relevant pages or contact your APRA Europe representative:

- APRA Office Europe: 0049 2541 800 68 18
- Gregor Schlingschröder:
- Claudia Schlingschröder:
- Vera Nienkötter:

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